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Reviews from a Few of Our Customers

Excellent and so delicious. Would definitely purchase again. They are best fresh and at room temperature. So happy this is vegan and doesn't contain palm oil which contributes to deforestation and habitat loss for many species such as the orangutan.
My wife just went dairy free so I was trying to find her some chocolate options and found these. She loved them! Also I ended up asking a few questions and the customer service was excellent!

Prompt shipping and delivery! Delicious vegan chocolates!


Passed the taste test with ease; so happy to have a vegan chocolate option!
Fantastic quality. Super delicious. the chocolate was so smooth and tasty.

SO happy this shop is back! Still our favorite chocolatier. Thank you!


These are great! Sometimes I find hazelnut to be an overpowering flavor but these are just the right amount of hazelnut!

K.W. 12/22/2023


Absolutely delicious. Got this as a gift for my wife and she loved it. It arrived quickly and was exactly

what I was expecting.


These were phenomenal. I haven't had truffles for years and the texture on the inside was heavenly. the flavours were good, my favorite were hazelnut and peppermint. the outside chocolate was just lovely and nice and thin. the packaging was great, packaged well and safely, and included ice packs so they did not melt. they didn't make it a week in my house. my dairy eating friends enjoyed them as well. highly recommend.


Very quick and professional, especially considering it’s the holidays. The chocolates are so yummy!!
K.H. 12/24/2023

This chocolate is the best vegan chocolate I have ever had.

Kristin 12/27/2023

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