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Orders are shipped via UPS (generally on the westcoast) or USPS Priority Mail. We want to ship your order and have it arrive as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost.


Thank you so much for ordering from us!







Thanks for visiting Creek House Chocolates!  We are temporarily closed for business. We have just sold our family home in Ashland, Oregon and will be relocating everything to another city. This will take us quite a bit of time, but we will work to start up chocolate production as soon as we can. Thank you.

Thanks for ordering!
Beware of Porch Pirates and Hot Weather. Please do not leave your order unattended outside.

Remember that chocolate is sensitive to heat. If your delivery address is in a warm area it's advisable to have a cooler with ice, and a note for the delivery person to place the product inside the cooler.


We do ship with ice-packs, and if the destination is particularly warm we add extra insulation.


We are not responsible for damaged/melted or missing packages that have been left outside by UPS/USPS.

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