66% Cacao Organic Bittersweet Chocolate. Dark Espresso: Elongated bean shape. Dark chocolate and coffee are a natural together. A creamy, classic filling for coffee and chocolate lovers. We searched far and wide for a coffee to give a deep espresso flavor to this chocolate, and we think we found the perfect one. Bulk packaged in a plain white corrugated box. Each chocolate sits in its own dark brown candy cup. Wonderful for displaying on a buffet table. 

Bulk packed in a white carton.

UPC: 859802003265

Vegan Organic, 50 Espresso Chocolate Truffles, Bulk Packed

  • Organic chocolate (org.: cacao beans, evaporated cane syrup, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin), organic coconut milk (org. coconut, org. guar gum), organic coffee, organic coconut oil, organic coconut, organic cream of tartar.