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About Us


Creek House Patisserie LLC (CHP) has been handcrafting fine products since 2005. We produce high quality artisan chocolates and delicious pastries out of our commercial kitchen on the northern coast of Oregon. Our products are available nationally through online sales.

​Chocolates:  Creek House Chocolates by Creek House Patisserie critically acclaimed chocolates do not contain any preservatives and are made in small batches from premium chocolate and all-natural flavorings.  We incorporate the finest ingredients to obtain the absolute best flavor and texture. Our chocolate is sourced from a 5th generation American chocolate company that is Fair Trade USA and Non-GMO certified. All dairy products are RBST free. Our Vegan chocolates are made with organic plant-based  ingredients, including bone-char free sugar.

We were closed from mid-2021 through September 2023 while we relocated from Ashland, OR (it took us 2 years to find the perfect spot!) where we resided for 16 years. We are thrilled to be back to producing our quality products.


Chef Louise received her culinary training at The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, a Le Cordon Bleu school, in 1997. She received diplomas, with top honors, in professional cooking, and baking and pastry. She was sous chef at Bistro 4343 in Chicago and a pastry chef at the W Hotel Chicago City Center.

Louise's first career was as a ballet dancer.  She was soloist with the Tucson Ballet Company, and principal ballerina with Ballet Pacifica and North County Ballet Company. She was founder and artistic director of Conservatory of Ballet Arts School and Company, a non-profit organization, in Solana Beach, California. 

A Few Reviews

Absolutely delicious. Got this as a gift for my wife and she loved it. It arrived quickly and was exactly

what I was expecting.  Etsy customer-11/30/2023


SO happy this shop is back! Still our favorite chocolatier. Etsy customer-11/17/2023


Thank you!These were phenomenal. I haven't had truffles for years and the texture on the inside was heavenly. the flavours were good, my favorite were hazelnut and peppermint. the outside chocolate was just lovely and nice and thin. the packaging was great, packaged well and safely, and included ice packs so they did not melt. they didn't make it a week in my house. my dairy eating friends enjoyed them as well. highly recommend. 05/17/2021

Fantastic quality. Super delicious. the chocolate was so smooth and tasty. 04/28/2021

Repeat buyer here and they were just as delicious as always. 04/15/2021

The best truffles I’ve ever had, vegan or otherwise. 04/14/2021

These were amazing! Hard to find good vegan truffles, as they sometimes have a weird flavor. Packaged really nicely as well! 03/20/2021

Wonderful vegan chocolates which I only order from this vendor! 03/11/2021

My non vegan boyfriend and family loved these truffles. I can't wait to get them again! 02/25/2021

I ordered these for my vegan fiancé and we both LOVED them! Absolutely beautiful, glossy, truffles, exactly as pictured. The flavors are perfect- not overpowering but still distinct and the chocolate is so rich and delicious. The nutty bark was the perfect combo of salty/sweet. Will definitely be ordering again! 02/24/2021


Every occasion, any occasion - send chocolates! These are, by far, the most delicious truffles that you can find! Thank you, Creek House! 10/19/2020

I ordered these chocolates for my granddaughter at college. Delivery was super fast!! she loves these vegan candies --they are delicious!! will order for future birthdays and holidays!! 10/09/2020

Bought a small box as a birthday gift for a friend and it was packed so well (in ice) that they arrived safely intact in this heat. She loves them and says they’re absolutely delicious so thank you! 😊 08/15/2020


OMG. It took everything in me to not eat every single one of these in a day. Super smooth and creamy and delicious. Was nervous about hazelnut flavor - but it's so mellow and good. Definitely will be buying again. 07/16/2020


Incredibly helpful with pre-order q's and the item shipped immediately to ensure it arrived on time for a special event. Recipients--1 vegan and 3 non--were delighted. They noted the quality packing, interesting variety of flavors and overall quality. There is no doubt that I will be ordering again...first and foremost for me so that I too can try. Thank you Louise and Creek House! 06/08/2020


I gave this as a gift to my vegan friend, and she absolutely loved it! She's trying to ration them as best she can, but I'm pretty sure she ate all of them in the first day because that's how good they are. It came beautifully packaged, and the attention to detail was very apparent. Great product! 03/15/2020

I asked to switch a flavor and that was done without issues. My SO and I loved them! I really liked the hazelnut ones. Didn't get to try any of the peppermint ones because he ate them all.  03/15/2020

These chocolates were awesome. I was pleasantly supersized when I bit into the mango chili truffle. It actually has a kick to it but not in a gross way. I would buy these again, but in a larger quantity... 02/24/2020

LOVED these Chocolate Truffles!! Can’t take a pic as they were demolished within minutes by my Honey! 😂. I did get one & was very pleased w/the quality, freshness, and taste! 😋 Hope to order again soon!02/20/2020

I had these sent to my vegan friend in CA and she LOVED them. It was shipped quickly and arrived sooner than expected. Thank you! 01/06/2020


Ordered the six chocolate size for gift a week before Christmas. Package was delivered within 3-4 days and made it under the tree for Christmas. I did not try the chocolates myself but the recipient loved them! Said they were beautiful and delicious! Would definitely order again! Thank you!!! 12/29/2019


Thank you! Shipped very quickly. I gave them as a gift and the recipient loved them. 12/27/2019

For the past 3 years, I've ordered these for xmas. The quality is consistently great, and shipping is fast. Thx. 12/23/2019


I bought these as a Christmas present for a friend who is vegan. It's really hard to find good vegan truffles, so I bought these based on the great reviews I found online. My friend really loved the truffles. She said they were delicious. They were also packed really well, so they would stay good while in transit. USPS had misplaced the package for a few days, and Louise (the seller) was really good about reaching out to them to make sure they reached the destination on time.

She was very prompt and polite in all her responses.  Thanks Louise!  12/17/2019

I've ordered from this seller several times before. The quality is always excellent, delivery is always timely, and taste is always delicious. This shop is one of my favorites. 12/11/2019


These were such amazing vegan chocolates, can't wait to order more. Hazelnut is the favorite over here, but all of the flavors are great. Shipping was incredibly speedy, too! Buy these truffles, you will not be disappointed!!My friend was sent these chocolates and enjoyed them immensely; she's hinting about another box for Christmas!! 11/20/2019

The seller was wonderful with all correspondence; shipping was VERY quick!! Highly recommend these treasures! 11/15/2019


Yummy! I have purchased so many times from Creek House. Everything is wonderful, both Vegan and non-Vegan. 10/14/2019


We ordered the 2 count boxes to use as wedding favors. We had less people attend our wedding than we were expecting. However, there were no leftover chocolates because people went and scavenged them from empty place settings because they loved them so much. They were gorgeous, well made, shipped safely/carefully and arrived right when they were supposed to. 6/04/2019


These chocolates are melt in your mouth delectable. It arrived perfectly on time in good insulation to keep the chocolates from melting. The packaging of each two-piece was carefully done. I would order from here again. 3/25/2019


I ordered these for my daughter’s wedding which was this past weekend. They were not only yummy, but beautiful too! So glad I ordered extra! 3/19/2019

These chocolates are amazing! We sent about 40 to our clients and co-workers! The owner was super helpful, attentive, and efficient in helping me get these out over the holidays! Our team really appreciates it! 02/2019


My assistant manager absolutely loved the Vegan truffles!!! The best she has ever had in her words!! So thank you! 01/2019


Absolutely fabulous! I love the flavor and smoothness! Excellent truffles! 😍❤️ Arrived in perfect packaging! Thank you! AAAAA+++++ 12/2018

My husband's anniversary gift. These chocolates are as lush and rich and velvety in the mouth as anything made by Godiva and/or Ethel M. He was so happy! 12/2018

My vegan boss did not share. That's okay they were his Christmas present. Best chocolates for the best boss. They came almost overnight it seemed like. 12/2018

My husband can’t have gluten or dairy so it is hard to find chocolates he can have. He loves these, thank you! 12/2018

I sent this as a wonderful vegan gift to friends and clients this holiday season. These are DELICIOUS! 12/2018

Beautifully made and delicious vegan chocolate truffles! Shipped quickly and packed well. Excellent seller! Thank you! 12/2018

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